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Fire Ocean Glass

by Kammi Siemens

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“Compelled by the sea” is how glass artist Kammi Siemens describes her love of light, color and movement. Having worked with glass for more than 20 years, her inspirations have evolved over time. Years spent SCUBA diving around the world have honed her current focus on sculptures meant to evoke memories of an ocean reef in the waves.

Each glass reef sculpture is unique and can be customized by color and size. The glass elements inside are handmade and kiln-formed using Bullseye Glass, one of the best known glass producers in the US. The liquid inside is a clear, finegrade oil; it never has to be replaced or cleaned, does not evaporate and uniquely refracts light and color –artistically conveying images of the ocean to each viewer.



  • How much does a glass reef sculpture cost?
    Prices for a glass reef typically range from $600 - $1,400 depending on size and the amount of glass. There is no additional charge for customizing colors. Lighted pedestals are sold separately and range from $400 and up, depending on the style and finish choice you select. There are hundreds of pedestal combinations to highlight your glass reef. We can work together to create the best combination.
  • How big are they?
    Standard glass reefs come in three sizes: Large – 22” height x 7” diameter Small – 17” height x 5.5” diameter Mini – 14.5” height x 5” diameter Custom sizes are possible. The price includes the glass cylinder, glass elements and liquid. A lighted pedestal can be available separately. Please contact me so we can discuss your idea for a custom size.
  • How is a glass reef sculpture created?
    Each glass element is hand-formed and fired in a kiln for one to three separate firings. I use only Bullseye glass which is one of the most well-known and high quality glass manufacturers in the US. The variety of textures between glass elements is a result of firing each piece at a different temperature, from 1250 for slumping, 1375 degrees for tack fusing and 1475 degrees for full fusing. The elements are assembled by hand which means no two sculptures will ever be the same.
  • Can I select custom colors and sizes?
    Absolutely! There is typically no charge for customizing colors to a specific room, fabric or paint swatch, or even just a color palette that you wish to see in your glass reef. It may take a bit longer to create a customized color scheme. If you have asked for a custom color, I will send you preliminary photos of individual elements for approval.
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